Encouraged by several television programmes and magazines about genealogy many people are delving into the past in an effort to trace their roots.


For those who have access to the internet the journey can be sometimes quicker and easier. In a recent conversation one Henleaze resident told me that he had been able to trace his ancestors back to Tudor times, mainly through the internet where there are now so many tools to facilitate such projects. 


During the last few months of my Mother’s life she went through all her old photographs. On the reverse she included such information as the year taken, the names of any people shown, their relationship to her and the location. I recall her being quite cross when she was unable to recall the names and locations on several of the photos! This later really helped me in filling in some missing pieces of my family tree.


However an even more exciting genealogy event occurred just over 10 years ago when one of my cousins who has lived in Canada since childhood had been invited to attend a Chugg genealogy event in the United States. My maternal grandparents were called Chugg. They lived in Totterdown, Bristol and came originally from Devon. I did not know about the event then as they were unaware, at that time, of our branch of the family. However the lady who organised the occasion in the mid West subsequently kindly sent me a bound book showing the history of the Chugg family since the 1800s and this is now one of my most cherished possessions.


I hope these stories will encourage readers to share any experiences they have had whilst delving into the past in the quest to trace their ancestors. If so please email Veronica Bowerman see link http://henleazesociety.co.uk/history.htm or go to the Henleaze Book Contact Us webpage for further details.