Bristol City Council is creating a list of buildings, structures and sites that do not already have listed status but which are valued and are considered worthy of preservation.
This may be by virtue of their quality, style or historical importance.
How will they be assessed?
An independent panel will assess the nominations using a set of criteria based around these themes:

·                   architectural interest

·                   historic importance

·                   artistic interest

·                   archaeological interest

·                   community value

Other factors such as completeness, rarity and the degree to which they may be thought to be typical of Bristol, such as in the use of local building materials, will also be considered.

 How to nominate a building

Nominations can be made using the contribute function to:


1 - Know Your Place http://maps.bristol.gov.uk/knowyourplace /


2 - or by email to: conservation@bristol.gov.uk

AND/OR telephone 0117 922 3044 for more information

NB All nominated sites must be in the Bristol City Council area.


How can I find out what is on the Local List?

We expect the first nominations to be approved by September 2013.A list of locally-listed buildings and sites will appear on this page, together with detailed descriptions. This will be updated as new buildings and sites are added.
They will also be shown on the Know Your Place http://maps.bristol.gov.uk/knowyourplace / mapping system.