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SLHAG 2011

The Lecture that took place on 7 July 2011 for the Stoke Lodge History and Archaelogy Group (SLHAG) was entitled "NOTABLES FROM HENLEAZE"
5 gentleman and 5 ladies were included as follows:
  1. Stanley Badock - Sheriff of Bristol,  Pro-chancellor and Chairman of Council of Bristol University and Director of Capper, Pass & Son Ltd
  2. Caleb Bruce-Cole - Owner of Packer's Chocolates
  3. Hugh Conway - Best selling author
  4. Amelia Edwards --  Journalist, Novelist and Egyptologist 
  5. Tom Graveney - Cricketer and Broadcaster
  6. Deborah Kerr - Actress and Filmstar
  7. Joan Sanderson - Actress - Theatre and Television
  8. Kathleen Walpole - Headmistess of Redmaids' School
  9. John Ziman - Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Bristol, Member of FRS, Visiting Professor in the Dept of Social & Economic Studies, Imperial College, London
The presentation was well attended by more than 50 members. On behalf of the members David Snelson thanked the speaker, Veronica Bowerman for a interesting and informative lecture.
NB - More information on these fascinating people can be found in The Henleaze Book - Click on to Book Outlets in the NAVIGATION BAR for further details.